0% effort 100% comfort

Every personal gesture is a collective accomplishment

From words to numbers,
from numbers to facts

Numbers inform our daily life: they underlie each personal gesture and every collective accomplishment.
They explain things big and small, about today and tomorrow.
We have created a new number theory that will change the way you live every day.

  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Climate Change
  • Waste
  • Food

An action is worth
a thousand words.

Shaping the energy
to reshape the world.

An action is worth
a thousand words.

Shaping the energy
to reshape the world.

Every day
is Earth Day.
Even more
so on 22 April.

From 10:30am to 4pm, the Bocconi Campus will host a series of activities about the environment and sustainability. The goal is to turn one action into a thousand. To fall in love, day by day, with the planet we live on, learning how to nurture it
and continue doing so.
To make a difference, instead of being indifferent.

What’s in store?

During your daily walk through Campus, you will bump into Bocconi’s mascot and its adepti. They will suggest some best practices for correctly disposing of waste.

A collaboration to raise awareness and enact concrete gestures to improve waste disposal. There will be a gazebo where you can ask for information, satisfy your curiosity and even have some fun!

Over 1,000 waste bins will be recycled and turned a bench that you will subsequently find on Campus. Find out more at our information desk!

A van located at Piazza Sraffa will collect plastic and metal waste bins that will be used to create the bench. To our Bocconi Faculty and Staff: if you have one, bring it here!

We hope to see you at Bocconi University (piazza Sraffa),
on 22 April from 10:30am to 4pm to celebrate our planet.