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Every personal gesture is a collective accomplishment

From words to numbers,
from numbers to facts

Numbers inform our daily life: they underlie each personal gesture and every collective accomplishment.
They explain things big and small, about today and tomorrow.
We have created a new number theory that will change the way you live every day.

  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Climate Change
  • Waste
  • Food

An action is worth
a thousand words.

Shaping the energy
to reshape the world.

An action is worth
a thousand words.

Shaping the energy
to reshape the world.

22 April was Earth Day and we celebrated it on the Bocconi Campus with a series of activities for the environment and sustainability, with the goal to turn one action into a thousand.

How did we do that?

During the day, our Pelican and his followers transformed the Campus into a container of activities. Selfies, videos, awareness-raising activities and environmental actions have conveyed healthy habits to students, staff and faculty. Organized in part thanks to the support of AMSA - A2A Group, there was a focus on best practices for recycling.

Lastly, we also laid the foundations for the "I'm a Bench" project. Over 1000 plastic wastebins were collected, ready over 1000 plastic baskets, ready to be recycled and transformed into a bench.

For us, Earth Day, was another opportunity to think about the planet we live on, to take of it and to learn how to do so day after day.

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Always observant, our Pelican and his followers looked for all kinds of waste


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Our mascot teaches us how to not be indifferent and how to make a difference


Our Pelican and his followers are following you at every step, even when you don't notice them